Dost Enerji

MV Holding is the major shareholder of Dost Enerji which believes in the sustainable growth model and aiming at effectively managing and obtaining maximum benefits from the current energy resources in the region.

For this purpose, the company’s primary goal is to produce and trade energy based on wind and other renewable resources, and to reach an installed capacity of 200 MW within the following three to five years. 

Established in 2007, Dost Enerji currently has 3 operational power plants; 60MW Yuntdag in Aliağa / İzmir, 25 MW KocadagII in Urla / İzmir and 27,5 MW Geres in Kirkagac / Manisa. Bergres, neighboring the Yuntdag Plant, is the last investment project in progress with 70 MW capacity. Along with the extention projects, Dost Energy aims to expand its total power capasity to 200 MW.

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