MV Holding is one of the founding shareholders of Turkcell, the leading GSM operator in Turkey and the third biggest GSM operator in Europe in terms of subscriber numbers. As of end 2013, MV Holding holds %1 shares of Turkcell.

With its 35,2 million subscribers, Turkcell is the first and only Turkish Company listed in New York Stock Exchange.

Through its subsidiaries in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Northern Cyprus, the total number of its subscribers is 61.5 million.



With its turnover exceeding 1 billion Euros, KVK has the largest mobile service and telephone distribution network. Being the distributer of Turkcell sim cards, KVK has6700 sales points in Turkey.

MV Holding is the major shareholder of KVK and Murat Vargi is the President of KVK’s Board of Directors.


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