MV Holding has recently been instrumental in the establishment of Mind Your Waste Foundation for environmental cleanliness. MV Holding also contributes to environment by supporting the Deniztemiz-Turmepa Foundation.

Swissotel Buyuk Efes contributes to environmental awareness by planting trees and saving energy.

Mind Your Waste Foundation ( Copune Sahip Cik Vakfi)

Mind Your Waste Foundation was founded by Murat Vargi in 2015.

The mission of the foundation is to create a cleaner, sustainable environment by

enhancing waste management, promoting a behavioral change to eliminate littering,

minimize waste production and to ensure proper disposal of waste.


TURMEPA – DenizTemiz Association

The DenizTemiz Association was founded by pioneers in maritime and business world in 1994.

The mission of the Association is to protect the environment for the next generations and ensuring the next generations to benefit from the seas’ contributions to our economy, health and prosperity.